Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dress Up Natural Hair/Help For Bad Hair Days


Lately, I have been finding myself not wanting to take the time to actually fix my hair.
So what did I do? I went through pinterest trying TONS of updos.

Like this one

like the back, semi pull down front

Unfortunately, my hair didn't want to stay perfectly messy like this!  I saw a lot of "Down Do's For Bad Hair Days" blogs, and looking at all the pictures, all these girls had definitely spent more time curling and fixing their hair than I wanted.

Sooo, I figured I would just have to start my own blog so everyone could see ways to fix their hair without having to spend the time fixing it, because face it-we all know that perfect curls are not natural.

My hair is naturally straight, so here are some quick ways I like to dress it up!


Now, for those of you who have curly hair:
 Love her hairI loveeee all half updos, especially with beach waves and messy curls!

Also, I know a lot of girls who's hair is in between, it's kind of wavy, but kind of straight. Here's two things I absolutely LOVE to get that great beach hair!
Gotta try. 


Stay Gorgeous♥

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