Saturday, November 9, 2013

Best DIY Face Mask For All Skin Types

I tried out a new facemask, and I'm in love. It was also incredibly easy, and everything you need is (most likely) laying around your house!

You need:
-2Tablespoons of honey
-Teaspoon of cinnamon
-Teaspoon of nutmeg
-small bowl for mixing

-Basically, you just mix the stuff together and slap a thick coat on your face.

*TIP:Before using any mask on your skin, test it out on just a small portion to make sure you aren't allergic.*

-you want to leave this on for about 30 mins, then you can scrub it off, and voila-flawless skin! Cinnamon and nutmeg both exfoliate and draw out any impurities from the skin. (They also reduce redness or scarring!) Honey is a good, non-oily moisturizer, which makes this mask good for any type of skin. This is just super quick and easy-not to mention, wondurful smelling-and I hope y'all like it! Thanks for reading!

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