Saturday, November 23, 2013

Diy Lip Scrub

It's cold outside. We all know that cold weather brings dry skin, dry hair, and chapped lips. This winter, I feel like I have had a constant battle going on with my lips. I just can't keep the dry weather from getting to me! Thankfully, I have a super simple lip scrub recipe that helps out tremendously with this problem. It's shokingly simple!

What you need:
-Teaspoon if coconut oil
-Tablespoon of honey
-Heaping tablespoon of brown sugar

*Extra Idea:
Double or triple the recipe and store in a small mason jar so you have "leftovers." Can also be a good, inexpensive Christmas gift!

What you'll do:
Well, like I said, it's crazy easy. Mix all the stuff together and scrub your lips with it. Make sure you rinse your lips off really well so there is no more chunks of sugar left! Just like the rest of your body, after you exfoliate, you moisturize. I can't stress how important a good moisturizer is! For the winter weather, I'd suggest something thick, such as carmex that is specialized for cold sores and chapped lips. Hope this quick tip helped you out!

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