Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sugar Scrub for Dry Skin

Now that it's winter time, my skin is occassionally becoming incredibly dry, and I just feel like I need a bit of extra moisture. Now that it's super dry, exfoliation is very important! Just like my last scrub, this is a great inexpensive Christmas gift for friends who struggle with being dry!

What you need:
-1cup brown sugar
-1/2 cup olive oil
-1/4 cup coconut oil

Just mix all the ingredients togather and put in a mason jar for an ultra hydrating scrub. You probably won't even need to moisturize afterward!

Make sure you check out my recipe for people with oily skin too!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Diy Lip Scrub

It's cold outside. We all know that cold weather brings dry skin, dry hair, and chapped lips. This winter, I feel like I have had a constant battle going on with my lips. I just can't keep the dry weather from getting to me! Thankfully, I have a super simple lip scrub recipe that helps out tremendously with this problem. It's shokingly simple!

What you need:
-Teaspoon if coconut oil
-Tablespoon of honey
-Heaping tablespoon of brown sugar

*Extra Idea:
Double or triple the recipe and store in a small mason jar so you have "leftovers." Can also be a good, inexpensive Christmas gift!

What you'll do:
Well, like I said, it's crazy easy. Mix all the stuff together and scrub your lips with it. Make sure you rinse your lips off really well so there is no more chunks of sugar left! Just like the rest of your body, after you exfoliate, you moisturize. I can't stress how important a good moisturizer is! For the winter weather, I'd suggest something thick, such as carmex that is specialized for cold sores and chapped lips. Hope this quick tip helped you out!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Get Teeth 2 Shades Whiter In Five Minutes AT HOME

This was crazy. I was seeing a picture on pinterest quite a lot talking about teeth whitening, and the picture looked crazy. Let's just say their before picture was very yellow, and the after picture was incredibly white. The claim was 3 days of this method would do that. Which is crazy. Anyways, I did it. And I was pleasently suprised. I've only done it today, but I liked it so much, I had to share it!

My before and after picture(TOTALLY UNEDITED AND SAME LIGHTING):

Now, I already had pretty white teeth to begin with. But this is crazy. The picture does little justice. The lighting makes my teeth look way more yellow than they trully are, but you get the gist. Anyways, I'm sure you're all super anxious to find out what I did, so without further a do...... WHITE TEETH!!

You need:

-Hydrogen Peroxide

-Mouthwash(I used Crest 3D White)

-Baking Soda

-toothpaste(again, I used the Crest 3D White)


What to do:

1)This is optional, but I suggest you floss first thing, that way your teeth can be whitened evenly. No one likes splotchy teeth.

2)Mix a 1:1 of mouthwash and peroxide. You probably will only need a tablespoon of each. You don't want to make your mouth too full!

3)swirl mixture around your mouth for one minute. Rinse.

4)mix a bit of baking soda with an even smaller bit of water. You want to make a paste with the mixture.

5)mix toothpaste into your baking soda paste and brush your teeth with it for two minutes. Rinse, and... white teeth. It's amazing how simple it is. Try this out and comment below how it worked out for you! Don't forget to subscribe!;)




Tuesday, November 12, 2013

15 Strange Beauty Tips You Never Heard Of (But Work)

These aren't the annoying tips we've all heard and don't like. Ex. Toothpaste for pimple removal. That's pretty common knowledge. I have some really crazy tips from a lot of big name people. So let's get started and learn some new stuff.

Simple, cost friendly oil blotter
Gucci Westman (yes, for real) says that rather than using oil blotting sheets, he dabs deoderant on his face using his fingers in his oily spots for a nice, matte look. Pretty crazy! I can honestly say the without Gucci, I never would have thought to put deoderant on my face.

No more powder foundation?
I think we are all guilty of this one. Everyone loves bare minerals right? Well, apparently not all highly accreddited makeup artists do. Powder foundation is very dry. It's especially too dry to use in the colder months. It cakes on your face and is not flattering, it also sets in all your fine lines and wrinklea, making your skin look terrible. I also read that you dont want to use your pressed powders as finishes either. Translucent powder on a fan brush is okay, but no more powder on fluffy brushes. Ouch. (Btw, I still love my mac mineralized skin finishes.

Store your felt tip eyeliners and liquid liner pens upside down
I have the biggest problems with these dryingout. This is like common sense, I just never thought of it, just turn them upside down and store in a cup!

Diy Eye Glitter Removal
This ones weird, but makes sense. As we all know, glitter is crazy hard to get off. Lady Gaga claims that using fabric tape will peal it off and you wont have a huge mess! Just be gentle so you don't hurt your eyes.

You may be doing your concealer wrong.
1First off, don't use concealer before foundation, I see this problem way too often. Why blend out your concealer and take away the coverage?
2Don't rub/smear on your undereye concealer, dab. I know it will take a while, but I don't want to form wrinkles, and you get better coverage this way.

Define your brows to make your eyes look bigger
Nars artist Doug Howel suggests using a powder brow filler and define your all of your brows, but pay special attention to the center arch. This is the highest part of your eyebrow, and it also is the closest part to the light, if you just make the top of your arch a bit darker your eyes will pop and look a lot bigger and more defined.

Smudge free lipstick
1Use the mac clear brow set around the mouth to prevent any smudging.(Victor Cembellin- Senior mac Artist) personally, I've never tried it, but I feel like brow set around your mouth would feel a bit odd. But I can't really argue, I'm definitely not a senior mac artist.
2 e.l.f. has an incredibly affordable concealer/eye highlighter/reverse lip liner, and it basically does the exact same thing (i bet.)

No more callus and hard feet.
Smooth vaseline on your feet before bedtime and cover with a thick sock. In the morning, you'll have super soft feet.

Diy Eye Highlighter
Miranda Kerr swears by using clear lip balm as a highlighter. I would apply it sparingly though, you don't want to be sticky.

Diy Deep Conditioner
Avacado is incredibly good for your hair, mash it up, and leave on your hair for about 30 mins.

Diy Plump Lips
Add a few drops of cinnamon oil to lipgloss for pouter lips. I'd test this out for a short period of time before you wear it for a while.

Forgot Your Eyelash Curler?
Blast a spoon with a blow dryer or run under hot water, use the side that holds liguid and make a curling motion to rub the spoon on your lashes. Good for traveling when or when you don't want a crease in your mascara.

Diy Eye Makeup Remover
This is probably pretty common, but its so good for the skin. It's hydrating, makes your eyelashes grow, and it's nourishing.

Cat Litter Face Scrub
PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS. I just found it funny! Snooki swears by this. Wht? I dunno. It would resemble a clay mask, but it can causes scratches and blotches in your skin. Very weird idea in the first place.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and learned a few things! Leave me a comment of any more weird beauty hacks you know of!


Diy Blemish Erasing Body Scrub

It's getting close to Christmas time, so I figured I'd dedicate a short blog to a quick, inexpensive diy gift. There are loads of diy sugar scrubs floating around the internet, but this one is my favorite, any blemishes will be erased, and your skin will look more vibrant. It also smells so good I just want to eat it!

What you need:
-2 cups sugar
-1/4 cup coconut oil
-Tbsp. Lemon Juice
-1/2 Tbsp. Honey
-Tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
-jar for holding(cute packaging for a great Christmas present!)

  All you have to do is mix together all the ingredients. It will make a thick "scrub-like" mixture. It's wonderful smelling and leaves your skin soft and smooth. I love it. I just stuck mine in a cute mason jar and voila. Great Christmas gift for the girls!



Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Right Way To Use Lipliner(Fuller Lips!)

I think it's safe to say that every girl in the world wants thick, lushious lips like Angelina Jolie. Right? If you use your lipliner the right way, you will look like your lips have a lot more body!

Before applying any lip products, use a balm or chapstick.  Applying lipliner or lipstick to dry lips does not look good in anyway.

First, line the outer corners of you lips. For this part, line directly on your natural lips line, NOT on the outside. If you do line outside of the corners of your lips, you will look like a clown.

Next, line your bottom lip. DO line outside your natural lip here. This will make your lips look so much more full! You might notice that I actually go quite a bit beneath my natural lip here, but that's okay. Because of the way your skin tucks in a bit beneath your lip, it won't really be noticible.

Now line your top lip, in your cupids bow, only go barely outside of your natural lip. You don't want to look rediculous.

Now, fill in your whole lips with your liner. What you do afterwards is up to you. I like to swipe a lipstick over it, then make my lipstick matte and long lasting by laying a kleenex over my lips and dusting across a translucent powder!

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time. Btw, this lip liner is berry for BeautiControl!


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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Best DIY Face Mask For All Skin Types

I tried out a new facemask, and I'm in love. It was also incredibly easy, and everything you need is (most likely) laying around your house!

You need:
-2Tablespoons of honey
-Teaspoon of cinnamon
-Teaspoon of nutmeg
-small bowl for mixing

-Basically, you just mix the stuff together and slap a thick coat on your face.

*TIP:Before using any mask on your skin, test it out on just a small portion to make sure you aren't allergic.*

-you want to leave this on for about 30 mins, then you can scrub it off, and voila-flawless skin! Cinnamon and nutmeg both exfoliate and draw out any impurities from the skin. (They also reduce redness or scarring!) Honey is a good, non-oily moisturizer, which makes this mask good for any type of skin. This is just super quick and easy-not to mention, wondurful smelling-and I hope y'all like it! Thanks for reading!

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