Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Right Way To Use Lipliner(Fuller Lips!)

I think it's safe to say that every girl in the world wants thick, lushious lips like Angelina Jolie. Right? If you use your lipliner the right way, you will look like your lips have a lot more body!

Before applying any lip products, use a balm or chapstick.  Applying lipliner or lipstick to dry lips does not look good in anyway.

First, line the outer corners of you lips. For this part, line directly on your natural lips line, NOT on the outside. If you do line outside of the corners of your lips, you will look like a clown.

Next, line your bottom lip. DO line outside your natural lip here. This will make your lips look so much more full! You might notice that I actually go quite a bit beneath my natural lip here, but that's okay. Because of the way your skin tucks in a bit beneath your lip, it won't really be noticible.

Now line your top lip, in your cupids bow, only go barely outside of your natural lip. You don't want to look rediculous.

Now, fill in your whole lips with your liner. What you do afterwards is up to you. I like to swipe a lipstick over it, then make my lipstick matte and long lasting by laying a kleenex over my lips and dusting across a translucent powder!

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time. Btw, this lip liner is berry for BeautiControl!


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